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  1. Keyringer lets you manage and share secrets using GPG and git with custom commands to encrypt, decrypt, recrypt, create key pairs, etc.
    Tags: , , , , , , by Arthur Lutz (2013-05-29)
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  2. A demonstration client for Muji is available as a tarball or from git. Note that the Client is meant as a technical demonstrator of the underlying components and protocol, as such the user experience might be lacking. Futhermore as Telepathy is a modular framework, the client is not a full IM client. It relies upon another Telepathy Client for handling accounts, connecting to the IM network and to handle IM conversations (such as in the muc room the call is being held in).
    Tags: , , , , by Arthur Lutz (2012-02-24)
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  3. Jabber has a maturing protocol for audio/video calling, Jingle. It has advantages over other protocols, notably support for the IETF standard for NAT penetration, ICE. This allows audio/video data to go peer-to-peer in the majority of cases, reducing bandwidth costs. It also has the desirable property that Jabber servers do not need to have support for Jingle in order for clients using those servers to be able to begin using it. These features combined have eased adoption of Jingle as a protocol.
    Tags: , , , by Arthur Lutz (2012-02-24)
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