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  1. LEMP is a variation of the ubiquitious LAMP stack used for developing and deploying web applications. Traditionally, LAMP consists of Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. Due to its modular nature, the components can easily be swapped out. With LEMP, Apache is replaced with the lightweight yet powerful Nginx.
    Tags: , , , , , by Arthur Lutz (2014-10-17)
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  2. justniffer is a tcp packet sniffer. It can log network traffic in a 'standard' (web server like) or in a customized way. It can also log response times, useful for tracking network services performances (e.g. web server, application server, etc.).
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  3. Keyczar supports authentication and encryption with both symmetric and asymmetric keys. Some features of Keyczar include:

    A simple API
    Key rotation and versioning
    Safe default algorithms, modes, and key lengths
    Automated generation of initialization vectors and ciphertext signatures
    Java, Python, and C++ implementations
    International support in Java (Python coming soon)

    Keyczar was originally developed by members of the Google Security Team and is released under an Apache 2.0 license.
    Tags: , , , , by Arthur Lutz (2013-07-18)
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  4. An Apache httpd module for web sites log anonymization.
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  5. What is Camlistore?

    Camlistore is:

    a way to store, sync, share, model and back up content
    a work in progress
    Open Source (Apache licensed)
    an acronym for "Content-Addressable Multi-Layer Indexed Storage", hinting that Camlistore is about:
    content-addressable storage
    separate interoperable parts (storage, sync, sharing, modeling), with well-defined protocols and roles
    your "home directory for the web"
    pro-JSON (yet aggressively format agnostic)
    pro-OpenPGP (for signing claims)
    pro-paranoia and privacy
    ambitious, but ...
    programming language-agnostic (parts and different implementations in Go, Python, Java, Perl, Bash, ... the language doesn't matter.) What matters is well-defined, simple HTTP interfaces.
    neither "Cloud" nor "Local". happily both.
    a "20% project" from a few Google employees, but not Google-centric nor endorsed by Google (other than them letting us open source our side project)
    ready for developers (at least those without strong color preferences)

    but, is...

    not yet ready for users
    not a typical peer-to-peer system or DHT
    not (yet?) a "MySQL alternative"
    not necessarily a product in itself (e.g., not Drupal)
    not necessarily a replacement for S3-like storage
    by Arthur Lutz (2012-10-31)
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  6. a2dismod ssl
    Tags: , , by Arthur Lutz (2012-10-06)
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  7. -
    Tags: , , , , by Arthur Lutz (2012-09-27)
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  8. HTExploit (HiperText access Exploit) is an open-source tool written in Python that exploits a weakness in the way that .htaccess files can be configured to protect a web directory with an authentication process.
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  9. Openmeetings provides video conferencing, instant messaging, white board, collaborative document editing and other groupware tools using API functions of the Red5 Streaming Server for Remoting and Streaming.
    Tags: , , by Arthur Lutz (2012-08-05)
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