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    Tags: , , by Arthur Lutz (2016-12-20)
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  2. The open source status page system
    Tags: , , by Arthur Lutz (2016-11-21)
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  3. -
    Tags: , , , , by Arthur Lutz (2015-08-12)
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  4. A fast and flexible Directions API for car, bike and more
    Tags: , , , by Arthur Lutz (2015-05-20)
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  5. Freicoin is a peer-to-peer (P2P) currency based on the accounting concept of a proof-of-work block chain used by Satoshi Nakamoto in the creation of Bitcoin.

    Unlike Bitcoin, Freicoin has a demurrage fee that ensures its circulation and bearers of the currency pay this fee automatically. This demurrage fee was proposed by Silvio Gesell to eliminate the privileged position held by money compared with capital goods, which is the underlying cause of the boom/bust business cycle and the entrenchment of the financial elite, and has been tested several times with positive results.
    Tags: , , by Arthur Lutz (2014-01-15)
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    Tags: , , by Arthur Lutz (2014-01-07)
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  7. -
    Tags: , by Arthur Lutz (2013-12-02)
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  8. TimeSide is a set of python components enabling audio analysis, imaging, transcoding and streaming. Its high-level API has been designed to enable complex processing on big media data corpus. Its simple plugin architecture can be adapted to various usecases.

    It also includes a smart HTML5 interactive user interface embeddable in any web application to provide various media format playback, on the fly transcoding and streaming, fancy waveforms and spectrograms, various low and high level audio analyzers, semantic labelling and segmentation.
    Tags: , , , , , , by Arthur Lutz (2013-11-21)
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  9. IIPImage is an advanced high-performance feature-rich image server system for web-based streamed viewing and zooming of ultra high-resolution images. It is designed to be fast and bandwidth-efficient with low processor and memory requirements. The system can comfortably handle gigapixel size images as well as advanced image features such as both 8, 16 and 32 bit depths, CIELAB colorimetric images and scientific imagery such as multispectral images.
    Tags: , , by Arthur Lutz (2013-11-19)
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