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  4. Replicape is an open source 3D printer cape for BeagleBone. It enables your 3D printer to become an internet enabled device capable of super high speed printing. The software is written in Python, so it is easily hackable. For the full experience, be sure to get the 3.5" LCD cape to stack on top!
    Tags: , , , by Arthur Lutz (2013-07-15)
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  5. Connect you printer to a small embedded and WiFi enabled device such as the popular Raspberry Pi, install OctoPrint on it and you have an instant wireless printer.
    Tags: , by Arthur Lutz (2013-05-14)
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  6. Pwdr is an open source powder-based rapid prototyping machine. Its goal is to promote experiments and innovations in powder-based rapid-prototyping. The machine is ready to use both the 3DP as the SLS process with minimal adaption, although the printer is currently prepped for 3DP.
    Tags: , , by Arthur Lutz (2012-08-08)
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  7. The tool works by generating a drawing of the pieces of the box with the tab and hole size corrected to account for the kerf (width of cut), these pieces are composed of sides, each side being a discreet object, to move a piece in the drawing the edges need to be grouped together.
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